A sweet gift & cards table.

Bride and groom spend a lot of time and money to prepare a wedding, trying to make it as beautiful as possible, thinking about how their guests (people who mean a lot to them) will enjoy that night and celebrate the “just married” couple.

That’s why it is not a surprise that the guests try to show the couple how grateful they feel and share some support to them, so the start of a new life won’t be too hard.

So please, remind of setting an especial place for those gifts and cards that people will bring to your wedding, otherwise imagine how awkward it would be for your attendants to arrive at your party with their hands full while the stare in the middle of the hall, wondering what to do with the present they got for you.

Find a strategic place to put your special table. You do not want it too far, nor too close from the entrance. Place it somewhere your guests will find it easily and still, where it won’t be an obstacle during the whole party.

Also, remember to decorate it. Add some discreet signs, such as the purpose of the table (“gifts and cards”, “presents”) or a gratitude sign; and arrangements (flowers always work) to make it much more attractive and easy to distinguish in the reception.

Assure that you have enough place for the gifts and the cards/ letters you will receive; placing a little basket with a mini-sign specifying the intention will work greatly!

And please, keep your table safe. We do not say that there is bad people attending to your wedding, but the truth is that bad things can happen. So the best you can do is to secure your gifts. For that, you can ask someone to keep an eye on your table or ask your wedding planner to place someone in charge for that.

Now, after having a wonderful night with all your beloved ones, make sure to take your gifts home (or wherever you will go). It do not have to be yourself, but you can ask your parents or someone trustable to store your gifts for you.

Also remember to send a gratitude card or messages to everyone who had the beautiful intention to share something of themselves with you and your marriage, it will take to their hearts.