Bridal fashion: Intermoda.

It’s been a week since Intermoda (link) ended, and we feel very proud of contributing in one of the biggest fashion expos in Latin America.

In this 67° edition, Intermoda increased 35 percent the participation of new brands, a total of 267 brands from 16 different countries around the world. All of them brought tons of especial designs and proposals for fashion industry, and certainly, the bridal fashion were one of the most concurred sections, because the highest wedding season is about to come (fall).

Here is a summary of the bridal accessories releases that you will see everywhere in the following months and which we loved so much from Intermoda.

  • Hair vines.

We’ve mentioned this bridal accessory before, but the truth is that this headpiece type stood really strong at Intermoda. Of course, each brand showed its variations, but all beautiful as well.


  • Crowns and tiaras.

We are in love with this ones, the cutest and with which the brides will make a statement on their wedding days. From small to very, very big (worthy of a beauty queen).





  • Shoes ornaments.

About this bridal accessory, the designs were pretty varied, you will find many adaptations: sneakers, high- heels, flats or sandals. Definitely, ornaments were a real hit during this Intermoda edition.




  • Color explosion.

Another trend that absolutely took over the bridal fashion, were colors. From attires to headpieces, colors were present everywhere and enhanced each accessory they were placed at.