Brides through the ages

It’s been a while since wedding parties began and became a tradition, and over the time many other customs were born, as the bridal ones. Let’s make a small review about how is that bridal traditions were in past centuries until the present day.

  • Medieval time.


During the medieval age is when the marriage laws raised, making contracts, legal documents and more became a requirement to marry, alike as we do it now. And certainly, there are many other customs that remained almost the same for brides, for example, they used to wear some sort of cosmetics, they worn loose hair with a garland of flowers above their head, and they sun- bleached their hair before the wedding day.

Also, it was a very popular bridal tradition to carry a sachet of herbs and potpourri as a bouquet (garlic and rosemary were great to avoid evil spirits), and wearing their best dresses were a must by that time. Of course, every bride made her best to be stunning during medieval age, although there were not many options (ain’t resources) for the majority… a great hot bath with flower and herb scented before wedding, were only available for wealthy and noble brides, after all.



Another (still popular) bridal tradition is to wear a blue gown; during medieval times, brides used to wear a blue wedding dress since that color was a sign for purity, but if they were not capable to get one, they opted for wearing a small accessory in blue (a ribbon, a comb or anything), that is where the “something blue” phrase comes from, it’s amazing, isn’t it?



  • The Pope Inocent III.


The pope is not a time, but a very important religious influencer during 1214. And he was the one who dictated a waiting period between the betrothal and the marriage, so all the couples began to display their commitment with a ring. And we cannot deny that we LOVE JEWELS!



  • Clothes off!

Probably, this is the weirdest tradition ever! During the 14th century, bride and groom were victims of their guests in the wedding reception, mostly because it was a custom that guests teared the bride and groom gowns off, so they could get some of their good luck in the future… Practically, the bridal couple ended almost naked during their own party.



To avoid that uncomfortable tradition, the garter and bouquet toss came to life.

  • Victorian time.

Well, there were many things we can recall from the Victorians, but for brides, the most remarkable for sure is the “white dress”. Even though that wearing something blue were still very popular, when the Queen Victoria wore a white dress to marry, it became a huge bridal trend that still remains to our nowadays. So you can thank her for your wedding dress color.




  • The 18th 

Brides during the 18th century were aware that they could be kidnapped by the groom and bestman before their wedding day, which meant troubles. After the bride kidnapping happened, the groom had to be ready to fight for his bride and the bestman had to be the best kidnapper to help the groom when fighting!

Even if you do not believe it there still are many places all over the world where this tradition is still popular, and not as a game, but just as it was done during the 1800´s… scary, right?

This are just a few bridal traditions that we found, but we could write an entire book to collect the tons of old and weird practices that had been made since the marriage ceremonies were stablished. However, even if some of them were extremely horrible (as not taking a bath before the wedding day or staying naked during your party day), they all are totally fascinating and interesting… A great way to know more about that classic ceremony that we make to celebrate love.