Easy bridal hairstyles for winter: 2017

If you take your time to find your perfect hairstylist for your wedding day, then you will realise how many hairstyles exist, but certainly, ain’t all of them are trending nor nice, actually you will find some of them that are kind of stiff and overproduced (we definitely do not recommend this hairstyles). So we decided to look for the strongest bridal hairstyle trends for this cold season 2017, and we made up a list that includes the ones that will be hitting all weddings in the following months.

  • Wavy Ponytail.

This is a very simple style (most of them are), but the wavy touch give it a glamorous touch! In addition, by wearing a gorgeous headpiece, you will look stunning! There are some beautiful and original designs that are specially made to fit perfectly this hairstyles that for sure you will love.



  • Sleek ponytail.

Just as the wavy one above, this hairstyle is easy and sophisticated. Since the waves are messier, a straight ponytail would add sleekness to your style!  Moreover, it is just as easy to accessorize it as the last hairstyle we mentioned!

  • Straight hair.

Let’s keep on going with the straight style! The only modification this one needs is the loose hair instead of a ponytail! For this look, it is necessary that you find a good stylist with terrific techniques to maintain your hair totally straight during the whole wedding day! You can also find perfect headpieces that will make this hairstyle pop up, specially this season, there will be a lot!




  • Half-up/half-down ‘do.

This hairstyle is awesome! Especially if you do not know what would be better for your big day, an up-do or a loose style. But we are here to tell you that with this “half/half” hair, you will stop the struggling and will feel pretty comfortable with it! No matter if you wave it or if you go for a small bun on the half-up part, your look will be beautiful. For this hairstyle type, there is a broader range of headpieces that you could were, so feel free when choosing yours!



  • Classic twisted knot.

There is a reason why this hairstyle is a classic, and brides know it! Wearing this you will look super chic and stylized, also, you will not have to worry about humidity nor any activities during your big day, because it will be well attached and steady. As well as with the half-up/half-down, this easy to find headpieces that adapt to this hairstyle.



  • Polished side bun.

And at last but not the least, is the lovely and sophisticated polished side bun! This style looks so clean, ethereal and sophisticated. No one would say no to this gorgeous look, and for sure, many brides will make it their season favorite! A beautiful comb headpiece would be perfect for this bridal hairstyle.



We hope this small list help you through your decision process and make everything easier! Remember that you can get with us a lot of designs variety for all your bridal accessories, just click here  and find your favorite one!