Get it right: bridal hairstyle.

We have told a lot of times that is highly important to make your accessories match with the rest of your wedding gown and with the whole wedding theme, as well.

But maybe we had not repeated that first of all, what you should consider before stablish your definitive bridal look, is the season and weather of the day you are going to marry.

We know that is not the same having a summer heated wedding than a winter- dry one; the weather of your special day will determine almost everything in your wedding, even the make-up you will wear.

Of course, the hairstyle is included in this. And if you do not want to have a bridal disaster, you better think about what is the best option, not only for your coherent wedding gown, but for the weather of that day.

We bring to you trends and tips of each hairstyle you can go for to rock your wedding!

+ What an adorable warm wedding!

It is a perfect season to cheer up love and marriage, until you realize that, the sun is not always so kind with your hair… Humidity!

  • Especially if you have long hair (which is so gorgeous), you will have some troubles to keep a free-hair style without the frizz and spongy head during the whole day. In that case, the best you can do is to go for an up-do or a braid.
  • There is a broad range of up-do’s you can ask for, so you won’t feel like limiting your style.
  • Also, the up-do’s and braids make incredibly easy to set perfectly your headpiece and add and “elegant” touch to your look.
  • This hairstyle will allow you to keep the freshness and you will look like “recently combed”.


+ Here comes the fall!

Absolutely it is an amazing season to marry! It has something that creates a romantic atmosphere everywhere, and much more on a wedding day.

And when it comes about hairstyles, we can say that it is such a gentle season that won’t cause you many troubles to stylish your hair.

  • Combs, braids, free or tight hair, will be all right for you during this time. The weather is not too cold nor too hot, so you will be able to choose anyone you like.
  • The free-hair is not a problem! On the contrary, it works very well; the weather is perfect, so your hair will be easily manageable, and it won’t cause frizz at all.

+ The “all in white” time.

Yes, winter. The time when people share love, but also the time when everything is so cold that you only want to stay at home with a cozy blanket. For sure, there are a lot of weddings in that season! The only issue you must consider is the cold you will have to face.