Handcrafted bridal headpieces.

We have to be honest and admit that almost always a handmade product has more dedication and quality during its production. All the details are taken into consideration with the same importance. Nevertheless, in the last decades, the artisanal production have been declining and the massive manufacturing took advantage over them.

This reflected in lower costs, but lower quality as well; the planned obsolescence is present in the majority of products, but we think it should not keep being that way, especially when it comes to acquire something as unique as your wedding gown.




Since it is a moment to treasure for a lifetime, it worth to have the best for you and your beloved, and we are not talking about prices, but about quality and style.

Every bride, always wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day, and one of the wonderful benefits of the handmade bridal pieces is that you can ask for a specialized design and get it with the same quality as any other product that is created in the same way.


 In addition, the hand- crafted pieces are made to last, because they are produced with excellent materials and strength, so they endure as much as possible.

At Very Nice Bridal, we always care about details, good taste, style and personalization of each piece we create. As they are hand- crafted, we pay attention to every step during its production process and we make sure that everything is made in the way it must be.

 Also, all the material we use in our pieces, including the Austrian and Czechs crystals, even the embroidery, are carefully selected, so there is any defect in them and when they are used, do not suffer any damage.

That is why we know that if you, as a bride, are looking for your wedding gown complements, going for something artisanal is the best option, because of the product’s advantages it offers, the flexible costs and the support it means for every team member who place their heart into each piece of art they create.