How to wear a colorful accessory.

We know that the classic bridal fashion dictates an “All in white”, and we certainly love that, but still we think that brides should take some risks when picking up their wedding gown and choosing the accessories they will wear.

So we thought that it will be great to make a blog’s entry about how could you include a little bit of color to accessorize your wedding attire.

  • Earrings are great.

If you are not an extravagant bride type, there is no need to wear many colorful accessories as possible, you can go for a small piece with vibrant tones, such as some statement earrings! And you can ask you stylist to make an up do to punch your look with that simple detail.



  • What about shoes?

Another key piece that you could wear to pop up your look with some color, are your shoes. Get a pretty pair that matches with the general color theme that your chose for your wedding day, and let them turn everyone’s heads to you.



  • A clutch to out-fab.

Even a bride should carry her clutch on her wedding day, maybe to save some lipsticks, perfume, or even her vows (who knows what else a bride may need!). So take advantage from it and get a beautiful neon (or any other color) clutch to add that extra life to your attire.


  • Right on the top.

Yes, this is a must for every bride, and if you want to give to your look fresher vibes, then there is nothing better than a colorful perfect headpiece to get that effect.




And the good news about headpieces are that you can choose from a huge color range and designs to match your own style.

Also, remember that the vibrant headpieces will be trending during the following seasons, and you won’t regret for taking that risk.