How to wear it: hair vines!

This entry will be dedicated to one of the biggest bridal fashion trends this year, the head vines! We are sure that you have seen them around making a lot of noise, and if you, as we did, fell in love with them, then this blog’s post is for you.

We assure you that it does not matter which hairstyle you will be wearing on your wedding day, the hair vines will look beautiful on you, you only have to follow these easy tips:

  • On the top.

What about a classic and beautiful vined crown to adorn your wedding gown! Our first option to wear hair vines as a professional is to place it above your head as a crown. For sure this hairstyle will fit perfectly with a bride that is dreaming about having a fairytale wedding, and the good news is that this way to place your headpiece is pretty versatile, so you won’t have to worry about what hairstyle you should wear to get your crown.



  • Fabulous Up- Do’s!

If your thing are the up- do’s, then this is your option… And it is incredibly easy to wear: you only have to ask your hairstylist to place all around your up-do with baby pins, you and everyone else will love it!



  • Beautiful headbands.

This is probably the tenderest one, because it looks similar to a tiara, so sweet and discreet, perfect for brides that rather the simplicity instead of excessive glamour! It does not mean boring nor dull, on the contrary, means sophistication and a very good taste. We recommend you to wear this headpiece style on half-up/half-down hairstyle or on an up-do, so it stays well attached to your head and do not feel like it is going to fall down at the middle of the party.



  • Entwined it with your hair.

This option is amazingly beautiful… so ethereal and feminine that it is impossible not to love it! This way to place your vined headpiece is perfect if you are planning to have a very fresh and relaxed theme, for example, a beach or boho wedding.



Ask for a siren or regular braid, so your stylist can entwine the vines with it, or go for a half-up/half-down hairstyle and entwine your vines around the half-up side! Also you could try it on the totally loose hair, just curl it and place the vines on the back, attach them on the back of your head and that’s it!



If you fell in love with this awesome bridal headpieces, but you still haven’t found a design that pleases you, then remember that we create and design custom bridal accessories and you can ask for any special design that you want.