Little details make the difference.

The bridal world is fulfilled with tons and tons of myths, tendencies and rules about how a wedding or a bride should be, such as the white wedding dress, the bouquet toss or the honeymoon. But the truth is that in the recent years, both, brides and weddings have changed many of those things.

Nowadays, not all brides wear white dresses (some of the opt for a soft pink, for example) nor all the weddings include a regular formal dinner), and since the society became more and more flexible when it came about wedding occasions, people felt the liberty to break up some of those rules.

Those rules include the strict bridal attire that brides used to wear on their wedding day, and that’s why we came here with some great simple ways to enhance the bridal beauty without the needing of a rigorous guide.

  • Earrings.

Yes, we know that it is a classic accessory, but the truth is that it is very useful. However, brides used to be forced to wear small, discreet and simple earrings to match their wedding gowns.



These days, brides can go for gorgeous statement earrings as the main (and sometimes, only) accessory in their attire. If the bride has very clear how does she want her to look like, then this is a great and easy way to pop up her bridal beauty!

  • Headpiece.

Oh, we love these. In first place, because headpieces are like bridal crowns which give the brides a pretty special look. Second, because there are a lot of designs and styles that will fit perfectly to each bride looking around.



Before, brides were “obligated” to wear not only the headpiece, but also the bridal veil, and even though that we LOVE bridal veils, we certainly know that a beautiful headpiece could be enough to create a stunning bridal look.

  • Belts.

What if a bride really wants to wear a very simple and stylized white dress? Okay, that’s great! But what if that same bride, even with her simple dress, still wants to make a statement when arriving to her wedding event?


Well, what else could we say, but belts are the answer! For a single reason… Any bride could chose a simple wedding dress, and by adding a beautiful statement belt with embroidery, pearls and rhinestones. We guarantee to you that it will definitely enhance your wedding dress, so everyone around will remember how you looked that day!

So feel free to break some typical rules... at the end of the day, you are beautiful no matter what!