Matching your headpiece to your dress.

When it comes to choosing your wedding jewelry, there are a LOT of styles to choose from and you can be overwhelmed by it. It’s really hard to choose from all the options you have, but once you have your dress it should be easier for it’s really hard to choose from all the options you have.

But once you get your dress, choosing your jewelry should become an easier task, because you can take the style of the dress as a guide. In this article, we will give you some recommendations that you can take when choosing your headpiece.

Dress: Vintage lace.

Lace gowns go really well with pearl jewelry because it looks softer than the sparkly pieces. A pearly headpiece would look amazing with a lace dress because it offers you an antique style and it looks elegant and feminine. And the best part is that pearly hair accessories look amazing in blonde and brunette hair.

Dress: A-line, long-sleeves.

When you have that kind of wedding dress, a tiara or a headband are a good way to go to, because they will make you look like a princess. There are plenty of different options that can complement any bride’s style. It can be a traditional tiara full of diamonds or maybe a sparkly headband. Choose an elegant headpiece that matches your personality and makes you feel like the princess you are.

Dress: Glamorous mermaid-style.

Usually, brides who choose this type of gowns are the ones who love being center of attention. So the best accessories for them are usually sophisticated, involving diamonds, crystals or anything that can help you create a red carpet look. A flexible hair vine or a headband full of sparkle will make you the center of attention. Sparkly headpieces are specially recommended for dark hair, because they will stand out.

Dress: Beachy and boho.

If your wedding dress is more relaxed, your hair accessories can be inspired by nature. A single faux flower or smaller blooms could add a beautiful accent to your gown. You can use a headpiece that combines some blooms and diamonds in order to add a subtle shine.

No matter which is your favorite style, you can take a look at all of our headpieces. We know that you will find the perfect one for you!