Mistakes brides always make.

A wedding journey is a pretty stressing event. Every bride had experienced the struggle of organizing and planning such a huge occasion. So, if you are going through this process, then relax and read the following common mistakes you probably will make, at least you will have an idea of the weakest areas you have and in which you should pay extra attention!



  • You think about everything, but you.

When a bride realizes of all the things she needs for getting married, she starts to feel deeply worried about that: the food that will be served, the music that will be played, the decoration that will be chose and the location… but most of all, the impression that your guests will get from your celebration.



Regrettably, brides forget to think about themselves, about what they really want and what they are envisioning for their weddings. So, take a breath and before starting planning according to what “others” expect your wedding to be, ask yourself what you want and what are your real wishes… At last, it is your day.

  • You are too selfish.

Yes, we said that you first have to think about what you want, but you won’t be the only one at your wedding. So, remember that you need to take considerations for friends, family and everyone who will attend you celebration.



Whenever and wherever you set your wedding, provide your guests with transportation and basics at your party (drink and food), and take special considerations if your event requires it, such as hotel reservations.

  • You are too strict.

We know that you will plan a large event, and everything must be on time and as you want it (your dress, the location, the ceremony, the dinner…), but there is no need to struggle yourself, relax and accept that some things may be a little bit different from what you planned and there is nothing bad about that.



  • You skip the party gifts.

Even if you will spend a lot on your wedding day, remember that your guests will do a big effort to attend your celebration (gifts included). The best you can to reward them is saving some of your budget for some wedding gifts to give to them; it is a great way to show your gratitude.



  • You do not feed your staff.

This may sounds weird or silly, but the people that will be serving your wedding is as important as your guests, and you have to bring them the energy and hydration they need to keep working. You do not have to bring them a 3 times dinner, but an enough- dinner plate is okay (pizza is sounds great!).