Mix and match your bridal accessories.

The bridal accessories are the glace of your whole attire, because even if your wedding dress is stunning, the accessories will complement it, and they may be the responsible for beautify it or ruin it.

Many brides think they have to choose the same style for each accessory they will wear, but the truth is that they do not have to. Maybe in the past century it was the trend but, nowadays the brides are freer ad they can mix different accessories styles for their gown, as long as they keep coherence.

The only thing you have to do is to follow these tips:

  • Settle down the principal accessory you will wear; it will be your headpiece, the belt, a necklace or shoes? The principal accessory will be the one that highlights above everything. We suggest you to do this to avoid confusion in your style.


  • Pay attention to finishes; in first place, ask your makeup artist what your skin season tone is and what colors match perfect with it. After that, look for the right jewelry color for you and make sure that all your accessories follow the same tone. This is a key to mix different styles but keeping a same line.



  • Change your jewelry. Consider having different jewelry for your wedding ceremony and for the party. This is because the activities you will have in each time are widely distinct, so look for them with enough time to get the right accessories for each occasion.


  • Go colorful. We are not talking about going like a peacock, but think of including a touch of color with the accessories you choose. If your wedding theme allows it, like the boho theme, then it will work perfectly; just keep it discreet and do not scaffold with this.