Planning that day!

If you are getting married or just got engaged, this article definitely is for you! We have been surfing all through the web trying to discover the best apps that will make the wedding planning way easier and practical.

Because it is a fact that you and your fiance will spend a lot of the following months looking, organizing, planning and budgeting the whole thing to celebrate your love with a Big Day, and since the present couples are more likely to be totally involved in the planning process, new tools had emerged to facilitate this journey! So here we are, bringing some very useful and effective wedding planners/ organizers that you will love, no matter who you are, bride, groom, professional wedding planner or bridesmaid, they are for everybody!

  • Mint

This app will be your savior during your whole wedding planning! Why? Well, Mint is an app specially designed to help you to control and create specific budget plans, which is one of the biggest issues for most of the couples.


So you won’t have to worry about sticking to your wedding budget anymore, Mint will tell you whether or not you are overcoming your budget.

  • The Knot Wedding Planner

This app is mentioned by many as the best wedding planner app around, and certainly it pretty good! With this app you will find a lot of the tools that a bride would need if she is trying to manage the whole wedding things, it includes an organizer/ planner, a wedding countdown, a checklist and you can browse for venues and vendors!


We feel very satisfied with it and we are sure that it will help many brides in their wedding journeys!

  • Wedding Wire

This is another great wedding planning app, in which you can browse to find all your wedding vendors in a data base bigger than 200,000 of options, a chat with real wedding couples that can give many advices and more! Download it, is totally free!



  • AllSeated

Remember that budgeting and hiring services are not the only chores that you have to get ready for the big day, also you have to think about the people who will attend your wedding. AllSeated is an app that will help you to organize and distribute all your guests among the seats and tables at your reception. Sounds incredibly, right? Well, it is!



  • iWedding Deluxe

This wedding planning app is awesome, as the other useful apps, it has a live countdown, it allows you to create to-dos lists and to collect photos into specific albums for inspiration (some of them can be saved with a special lock to hide them from sneaky eyes). This app outstands for its very detailed guest list registration, in which you will be able to record meal choices and to make seating charts!



  • LadyMarry

Even if this is a more basic app, it is also great! With LadyMarry will be easier to track the progress of all the chores you have to do according to your wedding plan. In addition, you can browse a broad range of local vendors!



If you already have downloaded one of this apps, tell us what had been your experience with it, and if not, then go ahead… during a wedding planning, every lending hand is useful!