• Easy bridal hairstyles for winter: 2017

    If you take your time to find your perfect hairstylist for your wedding day, then you will realise how many hairstyles exist, but certainly, ain’t all of them are trending nor nice, actually you will find some of them that are kind of stiff and overproduced (we definitely do not recommend this ha... View Post
  • How to wear it: hair vines!

    This entry will be dedicated to one of the biggest bridal fashion trends this year, the head vines! We are sure that you have seen them around making a lot of noise, and if you, as we did, fell in love with them, then this blog’s post is for you. We assure you that it does not matter which hairst... View Post
  • Brides through the ages

    It’s been a while since wedding parties began and became a tradition, and over the time many other customs were born, as the bridal ones. Let’s make a small review about how is that bridal traditions were in past centuries until the present day. Medieval time.   During the medieval age is when... View Post