• Brides through the ages

    It’s been a while since wedding parties began and became a tradition, and over the time many other customs were born, as the bridal ones. Let’s make a small review about how is that bridal traditions were in past centuries until the present day. Medieval time.   During the medieval age is when... View Post
  • Urgent! Save the date.

    When a couple gets engaged, one of the first things they have to do is to announce their engagement, especially if they are planning to have a destination wedding or a holiday wedding that requires a large amount of guests traveling large distances. For this, the anticipation is the best option, ... View Post
  • The classic wedding practices.

      Bride and groom have a lot of thing to have done for their wedding: food, music, arrangements, attires and more! But why is it for? Well, having a wedding of any kind or religion represents the existence of a new union, a new family that will start. That is why we create a ritual/ ceremony to ... View Post