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  • Planning that day!

    If you are getting married or just got engaged, this article definitely is for you! We have been surfing all through the web trying to discover the best apps that will make the wedding planning way easier and practical. Because it is a fact that you and your fiance will spend a lot of the followi... View Post
  • Your cutie wedding centerpieces!

    We agree that every wedding is different, but certainly, there is a common element that should be present in every wedding reception… centerpieces! Centerpieces give every great party the atmosphere of an event (believe it or not), and since they are that important, we want to give you some basic... View Post
  • Your bohemian look

    First of all, a little bit of history. Do you know where does the “Bohemian” word mean and where is it from? We surfed a while trying to discover a little bit more about this famous term, and we found out that it dates back to the early 1800´s.   Nevertheless, even that the word comes from the C... View Post