• Your cutie wedding centerpieces!

    We agree that every wedding is different, but certainly, there is a common element that should be present in every wedding reception… centerpieces! Centerpieces give every great party the atmosphere of an event (believe it or not), and since they are that important, we want to give you some basic... View Post
  • Little details make the difference.

    The bridal world is fulfilled with tons and tons of myths, tendencies and rules about how a wedding or a bride should be, such as the white wedding dress, the bouquet toss or the honeymoon. But the truth is that in the recent years, both, brides and weddings have changed many of those things. Now... View Post
  • Brides through the ages

    It’s been a while since wedding parties began and became a tradition, and over the time many other customs were born, as the bridal ones. Let’s make a small review about how is that bridal traditions were in past centuries until the present day. Medieval time.   During the medieval age is when... View Post