The classic wedding practices.


Bride and groom have a lot of thing to have done for their wedding: food, music, arrangements, attires and more! But why is it for? Well, having a wedding of any kind or religion represents the existence of a new union, a new family that will start. That is why we create a ritual/ ceremony to celebrate that union and, of course, it includes a lot of practices that will become traditions over time.

We made a list of the classiest wedding practices that you could consider to have in your celebration.

  • Until the bride walks in.

A really sweet and exciting tradition we deeply love is that the groom cannot see the bride until she walks in to meet him at the ceremony.

We think this is a practice you should keep because it increases the excitement of both (bride and groom) and will make you adore the moment when you look to each other for the very first time that day.

  • Sweet exit.

After the wedding ceremony, bride and groom will say goodbye to leave and be on their way to the party location, and when the couple go out from the ceremony, everyone around them throws them rice and petals to bestow the couple with fertility, it is something fun and beautiful to see. Also, it makes the couple have a statement exit before the party.

  • A first waltz.

We know that there is a new trend in the weddings, where bride and/or groom make a surprise dance that is not conventional at all. And although we think that they are great element for a wedding, the classic first waltz is something you shouldn’t skip. It is the very first time you will dance with your husband and all the attention will be on you.

  • Cut the cake.

A wedding cake is not only the dessert that will be served in your celebration, it also represents prosperity and fertility to the couple. We beg you to have one in your party and please, cut it together and feed one another, it has a very emotive symbolism.

  • Long honeymoon.

Nowadays, mostly because of the daily work and rhythm, a couple cannot take a long vacation time for their honeymoon. But it is something you should try hard to have. Why? It is the time you will have the chance to free yourselves from the wedding stress and will have a lot of time to dedicate to the love you have for each other.

Of course, depending on your religion and beliefs, there will be a lot of wedding practices that you may will like to repeat, but the ones we shared with you are classiest ones you should not miss on your day!