The hair comb perfection.

What a bride could do to get a beautiful hairstyle on her wedding day? To wear a headpiece. But, what kind of headpiece? A hair comb one!

We had already talked about all the bridal headpieces styles and designs that you could wear to enhance your look on your special day, and even that each style has its beauty and benefits, we remarked that one of the best options you could go for was the hair combs.

The hair comb headpiece is one of the most versatile design you will find. You can adapt it to almost any hairstyle, even if you have really short hair, is a great option for you! The only thing you are left to do is to find a design that matches with the rest of your wedding gown.


While choosing your hair comb headpiece, make sure that it has the right weight, so when your hairstylist sit it on your hair, it be well placed and fastened, so it won’t fall during your whole celebration.

  • An excellent tip to keep your hair comb tight to your hair is using some bobby pins in an X shape right across the teeth of the comb, so it will stays on its place.

Whether or not you use an up-do, or that you leave your hair free, you will be able to wear a hair comb, using the same tip of the bobby pins.

Another good news about the hair combs is that the way you place your veil won’t cause any trouble. It will be really easy to adapt your headpiece to the veil design that you will wear: birdcage, blusher, cathedral, mantilla or whatever!

If you have not consider yet a hair comb headpiece, then you might be missing the chance to find the benefits you have been looking for to get your wished bridal style.