The perfect wedding cocktails.

What about a delicious drink to start your wedding and have the best day in all your life?

Remember, for your reception time you only need good food, good music, good attitude and excellent drinks!!

Everybody thanks when they served with delicious drinks to start a celebration party. It can be since the reception or during the toast, but for sure is something you will like to include so your guests make sure they will enjoy it at maximum.

And, as we want you to have a memorable day, we are bringing our top 5 of wedding cocktail drinks for this 2017.

1- Fresh juice.

If you want to get out of the typical mixes, you can include some fresh fruit juice (apple, strawberry or pear). We want you to know that blood oranges, carrot and ginger are becoming incredibly popular this year, and we highly recommend you to try them.

2- Good-bye alcohol.

Even if the alcohol almost always turns people into a happier mood, lately this year is being a trend to use less alcohol cocktails, this has something to do with health caring.

3- Soul of flavor.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a change, and the chance to do it, you better do it on your wedding. Add some herbs, spices and fruit to your drinks, it will create an interesting flavor that your guests will love.


4- Asian inspiration.

Have you ever imagined trying some Asian ingredient in a drink beyond from tea?

We suggest you to experiment with lemongrass, sake, Thai basil, green tea and lyches to trend your beverage. For sure they will work great!


5- Bit of romance.

You can select a cocktail that gives a sweet kiss to your guests with a romantic mix of pomegranate, rum and prosecco. And if you add some fresh pomegranate seed it will give the right amount of freshness.

We know there are a lot of flavors, options and styles you can include in your cocktails, and that is wonderful! Experiment and taste all possible combinations before you choose your favorite drinks. The only thing we have to say is:

  • Choose between 2 or 3 different cocktail for your wedding: it will make easier the serving and will focus in few ingredients.
  • Do not make a signature cocktail: we know that it had been trendy lately, but this year we will see how it goes away. Also, you do not need to name your cocktail with your and husband’s name; you better give it a creative and original name so your guests will want to prepare them again.