Your bohemian look

First of all, a little bit of history.

Do you know where does the “Bohemian” word mean and where is it from? We surfed a while trying to discover a little bit more about this famous term, and we found out that it dates back to the early 1800´s.


Nevertheless, even that the word comes from the Czech Republic as a way to refer to the gypsies and Romany, the “bohemian” word became very popular since authors such as George Sand started to use that word with a very different meaning; in 1932, the Dictionnaire de l’Academie Francaise, described that meaning: “One who lives a vagabond unregimented life without resources, who does not worry about tomorrow” (150, translation by EAG).



The curious thing in here is that most of people who described themselves as bohemian, actually were bourgeoisies that, during youth, tried an independent/free life, related to artistic activities. But it was just a phase they lived before returning to their comfortable habits and careers.

Now that it is clear, let’s submerge into the beautiful bridal bohemian looks and some basic advices to get the original boho style!

the “Bohemian style” has its roots in the “careless lifestyle”, the best way to stablish the criteria for this look elements, you only have to make sure that everything you choose is relaxed, simple, comfortable and with natural vibes.

+ GET THE DRESS.                                         

We have to admit that this style has the most comfortable and ethereal designs, so feel free to choose a simple straight (not tight) dress, with some beaded elements or crystal decorations. In this case, light is better.


  • You can add a pretty bridal belt to your dress to complement its design… Let that be all the glam it will have!


Yes, even the boho brides wear crowns. The difference with the common crowns/ headpieces, is the simplicity they show! Remember that this styles consists in maintaining a relaxed- careless look, so if you want to get the real bohemian style, you should go for a very long light veil and a “floral” crown (or a tiara that goes all around your head).


For this, there are a lot of jeweled options that can help you to get that style with exclusive designs! Anyway, nobody said that bohemians did not wear crystals!


Since boho is the most natural style, we recommend you to go for an effortless makeup (natural and nude/neutral shades and light coverages). Also, for your hairstyle, try something that do not requires a lot of production, after all, your best option is getting a loose wavy/straight hair.

Maybe a great balayage or flamboyage could make your hair pop up by itself without the need of a complicated hairstyle.

And that’s it! As you can see, the boho look is quite beautiful and comfortable at the same time, just make a deep research to find out what kind of bohemian look is your favorite; you will see that no matter which one you choose, all of them will include those 3 basic elements we mentioned here!