Your cutie wedding centerpieces!

We agree that every wedding is different, but certainly, there is a common element that should be present in every wedding reception… centerpieces!

Centerpieces give every great party the atmosphere of an event (believe it or not), and since they are that important, we want to give you some basic tips to get the most beautiful wedding centerpieces for your reception party.

To get the right centerpieces it is not necessary to spend too much, there are a lot of options out there to create beautiful designs to decorate your tables at low cost… and that leads us to our first tip:

+ Think about your budget.

This is a basic point that you should never forget. Before thinking about any décor element, think about the amount you want to spend in it, so you get what you want without struggling your budget.

Some good ways to save money in centerpieces are: selecting in- season flowers, get local materials or simply avoid flowers and go for another beautiful element to enhance your centerpieces (like candles or feathers).

+ Consider the tables shape.

It would not be correct to use the same centerpiece design for every table shape… Instead, look for the centerpiece that will fit better each figure (square, circle or rectangle), so they look beautiful and full of life when the guests get into the reception hall.

  • Square tables: This table shape has more space in its center, so we recommend you to use biggest or largest centerpieces, so the table does not look lonely.

  • Circle tables: This is the classic one, and you can easily decorate it with regular centerpieces. Of course, you can be as creative as you want!

  • Rectangle tables: Or the “banquet table”, it has the largest shape, so you have to assure that the centerpieces many or long enough to cover all its length.


+ Variety is great.

Do not limit yourself! Try many different designs that you can mix to decorate all your wedding tables, in that way, they won’t look boring nor monotonous. The only thing you need to take care of is to maintain a coherence between all the designs.


+ Consolidate your wedding theme.

Remember that a wedding must have a general theme that makes everything work out together, and the centerpieces can be the cherry on the cake or the masterpiece that ruined the whole wedding decoration, so pay special attention to this element before buying them!


+ Consider your guests.

Yes, the taste of both, you and your fiancé, are very important, but also is your guests’ taste! After all, they are who will spend most of the time around the wedding tables, so the floral scents, centerpieces’ size and style will have direct effect in them.

The best advices we can give you about this are: keep a small- medium height size, no- scent flowers and a nice designs that brings the right atmosphere to the reception party.