Sales policy

Sales Policies for National Bridal Market, September 2017.

Our price is the final price.

Since this is a promotional event, we will give away the artisanal box and the shipping for purchases higher than $450.00 USD in headpieces and headbands will be totally free. For tiaras, boutonnieres and wedding garter belts we will give away the shipping, because we do not count with the right box size yet (applies for United States of North America, for deliveries in other countries, applies the box gift and the 50% off in shipping under the same conditions)

The artisanal box price is of $4.00 USD, it is not possible to sale more boxes than the corresponding to the number of headpieces that were bought per customer.

We request a 50% down payment according to the way it was agreed in moment that the purchase order is made.

The delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks subsequent to the event or to the date agreed by the client request.

The restocking and purchase times, starting November, will be 2 weeks for ivory or silver color products, and 4 weeks for gold and other color products.

We appreciate that, new orders or restocking requests, be made via Whatsapp to the 011 521 351 111 11 57 and 011 521 351 107 33 86 cellphone numbers or via the e-mail.

Our shipments are through FedEx.